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Use Botox For Migraines

We have noticed for years that Patients of ours with a history of migraines have seen subjective improvements in their migraine symptoms when using Botox even for cosmetic purposes. As of last week the food and drug administration approved the use of Botox to treat patients with chronic migraines.  Chronic Migraines are defined as migraines more than 14 days each month each lasting more than four hours. While we continue to perform Botox largely for cosmetic purposes  it is nice to know that our observations are founded and that this treatment can serve a dual role. It is unclear at present whether insurance companies  will cover any portion of this treatment for  chronic migraine sufferers but don’t worrry we will be watching closely and let you know if it changes. Contact us for more information about Botox for cosmetic reasons as well as for those killer migraines.

November 18, 2010 6:17 pm
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