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Botox or Xeomin or Dysport??

Yes, there is even a newer kid on the block when it comes to toxins which weaken facial muscles and diminish active wrinkles.

Like Botox cosmetic and Dysport it works the by the same mechanism and has an excellent safety record even though it is newest.

Xeomin in MD

If there are any goods, bads or differences here is a brief summary:

Xeomin’s biggest claim to fame is that it does not have to be refrigerated like the others. For the physician this is a huge convenience, but I don’t think it makes much of a difference to my patients.

It is the most purified toxin removing other non essential proteins so it claims to have the least risk of allergic reaction, but because allergic reactions are virtually unheard of with all toxins anyway this seems more like marketing than like science. Some feel that the removed proteins in Xeomin may diminish its longevity so its “purity” may be a double edged sword.

In practice we have found that it takes more individual injections to see the same amount of result with less injections of Botox. So, while it’s unrefrigerated convenience may be good for me it is not as easy for my patients.

My humble opinion

(I copied this almost verbatim from the bottom of my Dysport page)

Personally I like all and have used them all. Botox is still by far the most popular in my practice. It is the most heavily marketed toxin in the united states and is the most widely know, with the longest clinical history. Because of Botox brand recognition and strong consumer incentive packages ( see Brilliant Distinctions) my patients tend to ask for it and stay with it.

As a plastic surgeon I feel that because they are dosed differently using one toxin is a bit safer for my patients. It avoids dosing confusion. If you have a preference for Xeomin just let us know and we’ll have it there for you. Again, remember the person injecting your toxin and their approach is far and away more important than the toxin itself!!

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