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Arm Lift

Dr. Adam Tattelbaum is a board-certified plastic surgeon offering arm lift surgery in Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington DC. 

Please contact our offices in Rockville, MD, or Mclean, VA, to book a free consultation.

Surgery Overview

The paradox of an arm lift, also commonly known as brachioplasty, is that many people want the skin tightening it provides, but not the scar.

This paradox leads some patients to question whether they need an arm lift, or if they can get by with liposuction instead.

The key is the elasticity of the skin (known as skin laxity). If the arms are full and not droopy, then liposuction will give a nice result. If the skin is loose, however, liposuction will remove fat, but the loose skin will remain.

This is where an arm lift comes in, as the procedure removes both the extra skin and fat.

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“Dr. Tattelbaum could not have been a better or more attentive surgeon. Every step of the way, he was kind, supportive, practical and completely honest… I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Tattelbaum to anyone, and would absolutely go back to him if I ever desired another procedure.”

Anna K.

Arm Lift Surgery Options

The types of brachioplasty we perform are described below. The right type for you will depend on your skin laxity and individual circumstances – brachioplasty can be as short as a scar under the armpit or can extend from the forearm to the chest wall. It depends on the degree of laxity.

Fill Arm Lift

A fill arm lift tightens the skin along the axis of the arm and pulls it up under the armpit. The scars stop at the armpit.

Extended Arm Lift

An extended arm lift extends under the armpit and along the side of the chest. It’s more suitable for patients who experienced significant weight loss, as this is an area where many will have extra skin.

Short Scar Arm Lift

A short scar arm lift takes a wedge of skin out under the arms. It gives a limited amount of vertical pull and a subtle result. It is really best for patients with a skin bulge under the armpit.

Arm Lift Scars

Arm lifts are notorious for creating thick or wide scars.

This is because it is an operation that is centered under the arm, which is an area of the body that’s subject to constant motion. 

So, after the operation is complete and the incision site is closed, the resulting scar is also subject to the movements and forces of the arm. 

And because scar tissue is living and dynamic it responds to these stresses.

Dr Tattelbaum’s Perspective

I have had patients make beautiful scars with brachioplasty and, like any surgeon, I have seen some widen. The key for the patient is to understand these possibilities and be accepting of them, good or bad.


Patients seeking an arm lift can attend our offices in Rockville, MD, or McLean, VA. Most of our patients come from Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington DC.

Schedule A Consultation With Dr. Tattelbaum

To schedule a free appointment for an arm lift in Maryland, please get in touch today.

The consultation lasts for roughly one hour. In the consultation, Dr. Tattelbaum will evaluate your health and starting situation, answer any questions you may have, and discuss your options.

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