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Tummy Tuck Philosophy

As many of you know, I do a lot of tummy tucks. It is one of my favorite surgeries because the goal is simple– try to make your patient feel normal again. While you may think repetition could get boring  it is actually good for you, the patient.  It has allowed an efficiency that translates into shorter operative times and consistent results.  It has also allowed me to hone my tummy tuck thinking and improve upon it over the past two decades.

Some of the themes of how I approach my patients are listed below. I hope they are helpful as you consider this procedure.

  1. Be honest with your patients. I can not make a heavy patient thin, but I can make that patient more streamlined. By speaking the truth about expectations with my patients I am far more likely to make them happy.
  2. Turn away patients when I have to. It is not worth all the tea in china to subject a patient to unnecessary risk. Remember folks, this is elective cosmetic surgery. If a patient has a medical disorder sometimes the safest route is no surgery at all.
  3. Encourage a good starting point.- I am willing to wait for my patients to get to their goal weight. A patient at their target weight us usually a happier, healthier and safer patient.
  4. Look at all the contours. Tummy tuck is not just about the abdomen. The aesthetics of the tummy relate to the curve of the hips as well. If I like the curves I leave them alone. If I think the curves are not in harmony I discuss liposuction with my patients.
  5. Make sure patients know what they are getting into.  I used to think that going over all the details would scare patients away. I found that just the opposite was true. The more detailed the information I gave the more prepared my patients were, and the more appreciative.

If you’re interested in a tummy tuck, you can schedule an appointment with me online or by phone at 301-656-6398.

May 31, 2016 3:39 pm
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