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Removing Breast Implants-Are Breast Implants Forever ?

If you have silicone or saline breast implants at this point you should know that eventually they may fail. Usually not a big deal replacement is pretty straight forward. Its part of the deal when you have a man made device living inside you. I’ve seen both silicone and saline implants last more than 20 years, but not all do. But do you have to replace them? What happens if you don’t? Many patients seem to know less about getting them out then getting them in. So why would a patient want to remove them?
  1. People change- I have known some of my earliest patients for 20 years now. Their lives have changed, their goals have changed and in some cases their weight and natural breast volume has changed. For some, a return to Au natural is appealing.
  2. Tired of maintenance-  Implants require some lifelong surveillance, and maintenance.  No implants-no more maintenance.
  3. Age- I see older patients whose health has changed and do not want the added possibility of future surgeries. No implants no more worries.
For patients wishing to have their implants out, with no silicone rupture, it is a short procedure and can often be done under a local anesthesia. The breast will become more droopy and depending on goals and tolerance some will go on to breast lift and some will do nothing at all. Saline implants can just be deflated with a needle(no surgery at all) leaving the deflated bags inside (not they don’t have to come out unless you want). While most of my patients will want to take their implants with them into the world beyond, you don’t have to. It’s your body, your goals, your life and implants don’t have to be forever.

October 23, 2016 5:34 pm
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