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How To Choose The Right Breast Implant Size

If you are considering undergoing a breast augmentation, one of the most important decisions is the size of the breast implants.

Choosing the right breast implant size is critical to ensure that the outcome is what you wished for. It also makes sure that your new breasts won’t hinder your ability to enjoy all of your favorite activities.

However, when determining the right breast implant size, many women think in terms of cup sizes only. On this page, we’ll explain why that’s not the right approach to take and explain a better method for choosing the right size.

Why Cup Sizes Aren’t The Right Approach

Here’s the thing, cosmetic surgeons measure breast implant sizes in width and projection. They don’t measure in cup sizes.

This is because a D-cup bra from one manufacturer may differ from a D-cup made by others. At a bra store, staff tend to measure clients differently, with some exaggerating cup sizes for marketing purposes.

So, by thinking in width and projection instead of cup size, we are better able to provide an accurate and consistent measurement system.

This isn’t all, though. Some patients will have a certain measure of cubic centimeters (or “CCs” for short) in mind.

Cubic centimeters are a measure of volume, but there can be differently shaped implants with the same CCs. For example, a 200 CC implant can be wide and flat, or narrow and pointy. Because of this, it is first important to pick the right shape and then consider the goal volume.

In my office, whenever I see a patient interested in breast augmentation, I start with the following goal: “Not too big, not too small and as natural as possible”. At least that’s what most patients come in asking for.

To achieve that, we factor in various elements such as the patient’s height, hips, and shoulders. I never think about cup sizes. Instead, my main goal is to find an implant size that will give the patient a balanced hourglass figure.

Why Bigger Is Not Always Better

While I always want to achieve my patients’ goals, I sometimes have to walk them back from the proverbial ledge. Bigger is not always better.

If I can find the right size implant for my patient, I know they will have fewer issues, and hopefully, be much happier a decade or more. 

Implants that are too big for a patient’s frame will go south. Some undesirable results range from stretching and thinning of the skin, which makes later surgeries more difficult. It is important to think about the future as well.

So, How Can You Find The Right Implant Size?

The best method for finding the right implant size is to take a holistic view of your body and goals.

For example, let’s say you come to my practice for a consultation. During the consultation, I will consider the following factors before recommending the right implant size for your unique goals and needs:

  • Your weight, height, breast, and chest dimensions
  • Your skin elasticity
  • Your desired breast size
  • The amount of existing natural breast tissue
  • How physically active you are, or how often you workout
Furthermore, you’ll try on different-sized implants in a bra and in your own clothing. We then take volume and projection into consideration until we find a comfortable and common-sense plan.

And finally, we review photographs and all the details about breast augmentation surgery, both good and bad. It is an important teaching opportunity. 

By taking this approach, you’ll know exactly which implant size if right for you. You’ll have a good idea of likely results and whether breast augmentation is right for you.

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