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Everything You Need To Know About Mommy Makeover Recovery

This blog details everything that potential patients need to know about mommy makeover recovery if they are considering the procedure. This includes post procedure details, instructions and recovery tips.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

In the modern era, the term “Mommy Makeover” gets used a lot on websites and in marketing. In my own practice, I call it postpartum restoration which I think sounds more professional and true to the actual focus of the surgery. Whether it’s a makeover or restoration the goal is the same. It’s about making women who have had children feel normal again and it is one of the most rewarding parts of my practice. I’m not surprised that these procedures continue to increase in popularity. When you look at the list of the top five surgical procedures from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, you’ll see that all of the procedures are common for the Mommy Makeover.

The Components of a Mommy Makeover

There are usually two components to this kind of restoration: breast enhancement and rejuvenation of the abdomen. You have a number of options when it comes to combining surgeries, and when you come in for the initial consultation, we’ll personalize it to reflect your needs and aesthetic goals. Here are some of the most common combined surgeries that I perform:

When I do a Mommy Makeover, it is common to combine surgeries at the same time. Scheduling them separately will mean taking up more of the patient’s time, and the people around them. While there are limits to the amount of surgery that can safely be performed in a day, combination surgery, where appropriate, can mean one recovery and cost savings.

Of course, you don’t have to follow a set path. You might not need certain procedures. Perhaps you need only one or two of them. Again, we’ll make those determinations during your consultation. 

Mommy Makeover Results

Results from the surgeries will vary, depending on the type of surgery, the individual, and their lifestyle. The final results of your mommy makeover are not immediately evident. In the initial period after your surgery, your abdomen and breasts are swollen. There will be changes in your outcome for 6-12 months as your body heals.

Women can maintain the results of their procedures by staying on track with a healthy diet and exercise plan. A healthy lifestyle goes a long way.

What Can You Expect After a Mommy Makeover? 

After every type of surgery, the patient will experience a certain amount of discomfort which is why I will prescribe medication that manages the pain. Healing time varies from person to person, but you can expect to see results within weeks. The final results take about six months after the mommy makeover. 

You should be practicing a healthy lifestyle, following a nutritious diet, and exercising regularly. This will make the recovery faster and more comfortable. Recovery times vary, depending on the surgeries you choose. It is normal to feel tired for an extended period after surgery. You will eventually get back to your old energy levels. Take fitness gradually. Get back into your old fitness program slowly. 

How Long is the Recovery from a Mommy Makeover?

If you’ve given birth, you know how much stress that puts on the body. It can dramatically change. Many women want to regain their original body as much as they can, while others want that and additional enhancements. It is all a matter of personal choice. That’s when a Mommy Makeover comes into the picture. This postpartum plastic surgery combines some of the most common and most popular cosmetic surgeries. So, when my patients ask me about the recovery time, I tell them it all depends on the procedures they’re planning to get done. The answer is recovery is not quick or simple. It takes weeks to heal, but you don’t have to stay in bed for the entire time. 

With that in mind, let’s look at the recovery times for some of the most common surgeries after childbirth. This will give you a better idea of the recovery time after a Mommy Makeover.

Mommy Makeover Recovery Tips 

Thinking about this recovery period may seem overwhelming, and maybe a little scary. But the results are why so many women have this surgery. To ease your concerns, I developed a list of Mommy Makeover recovery tips to help you speed up the process and get you back to your regular routine: 

The Do’s and Don’ts

Do Due Diligence

Before your consultation with me, research the procedures you’re interested in. Have a good idea of the areas of your body you want to improve. The more you know, the better choices you will make before surgery.

Do Follow the Doctor’s Orders

A higher chance of a faster recovery actually starts in the preparation before the surgery. It is essential to follow the pre-surgery and post-surgery instructions given to you by me. Patients who try to do too much too soon often end up prolonging their recovery.

Do Take Time Off and Properly Prepare  

Surgery requires sufficient rest; your body needs the time to recuperate to ensure the optimum healing process. It’s time for you to focus on yourself. Prepare your family, stock up on food, and/or freeze a few family meals, and plan quiet activities for the kids to keep them entertained while you are recovering.     

Don’t Skip Any Steps

Some steps in the pre-operative guidelines may seem minor to you, but can be significant hindrances to your speedy recovery. Critical steps such as quitting smoking a few weeks before and after surgery and avoiding certain medications should be taken seriously. Smoking and medications have been factors in delaying the healing process and in some cases have caused post-surgery complications. 

Don’t Be Impatient

Cosmetic surgery doesn’t immediately show results. There will be some bruising and swelling, do not be discouraged. It will look worse before it gets better. It’s best to focus on resting and recovery as your body heals.

Schedule a Mommy Makeover Consultation

Recovery from a Mommy Makeover takes time, but if you follow my instructions, take the proper amount of rest time you can make the healing process a lot smoother. When you’re ready for your Mommy Makeover, call 301-804-6832 or schedule an appointment for a consultation.

I have three locations conveniently located near you – visit our Mommy Makeover procedure page for Maryland, Washington D.C. and North Virginia. We look forward to helping you look your best.

March 11, 2022 5:40 am
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Written by Dr. Adam Tattelbaum

Dr. Adam Tattelbaum is a highly skilled and compassionate plastic surgeon with over two decades of experience.

Double-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery, Dr. Tattelbaum believes in providing personalized patient care and customizes his treatment plans to suit the individual.

Dr. Tattelbaum's candid and realistic approach has earned him recognition, not only with his patients but in the Top Doctor lists of the Washingtonian and Bethesda magazines. He is also a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, a mark of distinction in the field of cosmetic surgery.

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