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Adam G. Tattlebaum M.D.

Dr. Adam Tattlebaum Reviews Breast Implant Manufacturers

Implant Update: While I have compared and contrasted silicone vs. saline implants in the past the purpose of this blog is just to give an update on what breast implant options are out there. At the conclusion, I will share my preferences. Summary: Three companies are currently are FDA approved in the United States to make Breast Implants: Mentor Allergan Sientra Mentor and Allergan make saline and silicone implants, Sientra makes only silicone. Each company has its own version of low, moderate and high profile implants. Each company offers round or shaped implants. Each company offers implants that are smooth or textured. Shaped implants are always textured so they do not move. Each company’s implants are cohesive minimizing the risk of leakage. The “gummy bear” implant is a shaped and coarsely textured implant made by Allergan. As of today, it has not been FDA approved. Mentor and Allergan offer implants for sizing in the office. As of this writing, Sientra does not have its own sizers, but this should change soon. Opinion: What do I like and use? I generally use smooth round implants. The smooth shell lets the implant move around within the implant pocket and I feel this give a more natural motion to the breast. I believe the smooth surface is less noticeable. Textured implants stick inside the pocket and do not move as naturally. I believe the textured implants are more noticeable to the patient. While there is evidence that a textured implant can diminish the risk of capsular contracture, I do not believe it is a large advantage when implants are under the muscle. I favor submuscular implants, which means, the implants are located under the pectoral muscle. I don’t favor teardrop implants because they are all textured and can still sometimes still rotate. If a round implant rotates it makes no difference. Teardrops are fuller at the bottom and most of my patients are looking for fullness up top. I prefer the look and feel of silicone implants but I offer both and always go over the pros and cons in consultation. Silicone gel implants are softer and more natural looking and feeling and ripples the least, but they require more future thinking and evaluation. So which companies breast implants do I offer? I offer all of them; the key is to find which one fits the patient’s frame and their goals the best. I have my patients try on actual implant sizers in a testing bra. I find this to be the most accurate method for choosing a size. If you are interested in looking at or trying on breast implants just give us a call and we can find the right fit for you.

February 22, 2013 3:43 pm
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