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Breast Augmentation Surgery: It’s About the Hips!

breast to hip ratio
Breast Augmentation is the most popular procedure that I perform. While the breast certainly plays an important part, to me, the key is a sense of balance when I look at the entire person – especially the hips.

Balance is Natural

Prospective breast implant patients are taken to an implant sizing room in my office where we keep implants to try on in all sizes. Before I walk into the consultation, the breast augmentation patient has often already chosen and is trying on the smallest breast implant in our sample drawer. I think the conventional wisdom is that “smaller” will always be more natural. I try to instill in my breast implant patients that “balance” is more natural. Small breast implants tend to be narrow which may be just fine for a very narrow chested breast implant patient. But in the average breast augmentation patient, a breast implant that is too narrow for the breast will tend to look like a torpedo. A breast implant that is too wide will make the patient look “top heavy”. Breast augmentation patients’ height makes a huge difference as well. Tall people will look very different than shorter people even with the same implant.

Finding the Right Size

During my breast implant sizing sessions, we first find the breast implant diameter that fills the chest appropriately and has enough diameter to balance with the curve of the hips. Once we like the diameter I can then change the size of the breast by looking at high, moderate or low profile breast implants in that same diameter. If you look at the breast augmentation photographs on my web page I always try to include the hips so patients can see the overall balance. Breast implant photos that only show a “box of breasts” tells only a small part of the story. I encourage all my breast enlargement patients to come to the sizing room as many times as needed to try real breast implants on their frame. Many come with friends or spouses. Many breast augmentation patients will bring different blouses or sweaters with them.

Come in for a Natural Look

Breast augmentation is an important and long term decision. If it’s something you have been considering I encourage you to come in and search for a sense of proportion as well.

February 15, 2010 7:27 pm
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