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Dr. Adam TattelbaumDr. Adam Tattelbaum is known for his exceptional work in breast augmentation. Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC patients choose breast augmentation surgeon Dr. Tattelbaum because of his outstanding reputation and because of the impressive results he consistently achieves.

Breast Augmentation

Over two decades of experience with†breast augmentation

Serving Maryland Northern Virginia and Washington , DC .With almost two decades of experience, Dr. Adam Tattelbaum has performed hundreds of breast augmentation surgeries.† Breast augmentation is used to enhance the size of the breast by using either silicone or saline implants.† He offers complementary consultations to go over the details of breast implant surgery.† Consultations include a thorough discussion of the procedure and a sizing session, looking at actual implants on your frame to help pick the size that will achieve your goals.† Contact us today if you are interested in scheduling a consultation in our locations in Rockville and Annapolis , Maryland or McLean , Virginia .

Featured breast augmentation cases.†

Breast augmentation in the year 2012.

Breast augmentation surgery continues to grow in popularity.† With better implants, better anesthesia, and even some better tools, the procedure itself has become part of mainstream America .† It is one of the most popular surgeries to give a sense of balance to the upper and lower half of the body or to restore a figure that has been diminished after childbearing.† Dr. Tattelbaum prides himself on giving his patients the feeling of being balanced or restored once again.† It is his sense of proportion and artistry that continues to make breast augmentation surgery one of the most popular procedures of his practice.

The ever changing landscape of†breast implants

There are currently more options and more implants available in the United States than ever before.† There are two basic types of breast implants, silicone gel filled and saline (salt water) filled.† Each of these implants now comes in different shapes and sizes.† It is no longer a one size fits all operation.†

Both silicone and saline implants come in high, moderate, and low profile breast implant options.† In accordance with the guidelines of the Food and Drug Administration there are now three manufacturers that provide breast implants in the United States .† The quality and safety of breast implants is strictly monitored by the FDA.† It takes decades of testing for an implant to come to market.

Todayís silicone gel implants are softer and more natural looking and feeling than saline implants.† This new generation of silicone implants has a thicker shell and a thicker silicone inside, improving upon the durability and longevity of earlier generations.

Saline implants are basically the same outer shell as silicone implants, but the inside is filled with the same type of saltwater that naturally occurs in the body.

Both silicone gel and saline implants have their own advantages.†


Saline implants can generally be placed through smaller incisions because they are inflated only after they are implanted.† Because the shell is stretched by the salt water that is placed inside them, they generally give a more dramatic fullness to the upper portion of the breast.† For some patients, this is a sexier look.† Breast implants cannot take the place of a breast lift in a patient whose breast is very droopy, but for patients with a slight degree of droop to the breast, the prominence of the upper portion of a saline implant can sometimes give more lift than a silicone implant would offer.† If the shell of the saline implant leaks, the body simply absorbs the saltwater.


Silicone gel implants are filled with a jelly-like silicone that gives a softer and more natural feel.† When the silicone gel implant is upright inside the body the silicone tends to gravitate towards the bottom of the implant giving a softer transition in the upper portion of the breast.† This tends to look more natural.†


We continue to study the longevity of the new generation of silicone implants, but early evidence suggests that they are lasting much longer than the first generation.† Guidelines currently recommend an MRI three years after surgery and then every two years thereafter to evaluate the shell of the silicone implant to make sure that it remains intact.†


For the prospective breast augmentation patient looking for the most natural looking and feeling breast, silicone gel will generally be the right choice.† For the prospective patient looking for the implant that may take less attention or maintenance, saline might be the better option.


As a general rule, patients who are more slender or who have less natural breast tissue before surgery will tend to look more natural with a silicone gel implant.† Patients with a larger amount of natural breast tissue will hide either implant well, but will still feel more natural with silicone gel.


Under or over?†

Breast implants can be placed directly under the breast tissue or underneath the pectoral muscle that lies beneath the breast.† Dr. Tattelbaum generally favors sub-muscular breast augmentation.† When implants are underneath the chest wall muscle they tend to look more natural, they are better hidden and they have a softer transition in the upper portion of the chest.† Mammography, which is an important part of routine breast cancer screening, is more reliable when implants are placed underneath the chest wall muscle.† Other risks such as infection or capsular contracture appear to be much lower in sub-muscular augmentations as well.

Smooth or textured implants?

All breast implants also come in a smooth surface or a rough or textured surface.† Dr. Tattelbaum favors smooth surfaced implants because they move around inside the pocket in which they are placed.† This makes the breast look more natural.† In some cases Dr. Tattelbaum may recommend a textured implant if he feels that it will be of benefit.


Whatís a teardrop?

Teardrop shaped implants have been around for many decades.† First popular in breast reconstruction, they were eventually marketed by the manufacturers as a better shape for breast augmentation.† Dr. Tattelbaum does not favor the teardrops because most of his patients seem to prefer the restoration of fullness for the upper portion of the breast.† Teardrop implants are textured and so they do not move around as naturally within the breast implant pocket.† On occasion a teardrop implant can turn itself sideways and need to be adjusted.† If a round implant rotates within the pocket it makes no difference.

Whatís the best incision?

Breast implants can be placed through an incision underneath the armpit (transaxillary), through the bellybutton (transumbilical), around the bottom of the aroela (periareolar) or underneath the fold of the breast (inframammary).† Dr. Tattelbaum prefers the periareolar and inframmary approaches.† He feels that these approaches offer the most reliable and safest results.† For appropriate patients having at abdominoplasty surgery at the same time, implants can be placed through the tummy tuck incision (transabdominoplasty).

The future of breast augmentation.

Researchers continue to look for better, safer and longer lasting breast implant options.† Implants filled with oil or other substances continue to be studied.† Some researchers are exploring the option of fat grafting to enhance the size of the breast.† Unfortunately, fat grafting of the breast can lead to calcifications that can be difficult to differentiate from breast cancer, so it is by no means in the mainstream yet.† Early evidence suggests fat grafting is only beneficial for small amounts of enhancement and that it may significantly hinder routine breast cancer screening.† The reabsorption of fat is common.† Fat grafting continues to have a more prominent role in buttock contouring and facial rejuvenation where cancer screening is not an issue.

Picking the right size for you.

Historically, women have turned to a bag of water or rice inside the bra to help choose their implant size.† Todayís implants come in specific shapes that a bag of water or rice canít mimic.† In Rockville , Annapolis , and McLean , Dr. Tattelbaum has breast implant sizers for all of the implants that he uses.† Patients are encouraged to come in with different clothing and try on actual implants.

Bras are cut very differently by bra manufacturers.† Because of this A, B, and C cup can mean different things to different people.† Dr. Tattelbaum focuses more on the entire person than the breast itself.† He looks for balance between the top half and the lower half of the body.† He focuses first on the width of the breast implant as it relates to the curve of the hip.† Having then chosen the right diameter implant, the implants that balances top and bottom, he focuses on the projection of the breast implant which continues to affect the cup size.† With the options of high, moderate, and low profile implants, the cup size can be changed without making patients look too wide.

Our locations make it easy.

Dr. Tattelbaum offers complementary consultations in each of his three office locations.† The Rockville office, his primary location, features a fully licensed and accredited outpatient surgery center where he performs his surgery.

Issues such as incision placement, symmetry, and sizing are all discussed during the preoperative visit.† Patients are encouraged to bring in different outfits as they explore breast implant options.† Together with the doctor itís often helpful to bring a significant other, spouse, or friend to help with the decision-making process.

If you would like to schedule an appointment in Rockville , Maryland , Annapolis , Maryland , or McLean , Virginia and learn more about Dr. Tattelbaumís artistic approach to breast augmentation surgery, just give us a call.

Breast Augmentation Examples

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