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Breast Implants Over or Under The Muscle

If you are considering breast augmentation Maryland it is likely that you would like more beautiful breasts. I have always prided myself on creating beautiful natural results for my patients. I’m able to create these natural results through my years of experience, skills and judgement. Often clients will ask whether they should go over or under the muscle with respect to implant placement.
  • Breast Implants placed below the muscle submuscular, or subpectoral, plane or position.
  • Breast Implants placed above the muscle are in the subglandular position under the breast gland but over the muscle.
Most women considering breast augmentation are usually fairly informed about this subject and it is a very important consideration as it has an effect on the overall appearance of the breast.  It is very common for patients to already know what breast augmentation technique they would like to use for their procedure.  There are numerous reasons for a patient to pick one way or the other for her breast augmentation Maryland procedure.
I will typically advise my clients on the pros and cons of each.
In most cases a breast augmentation procedure is performed under the muscle.  Although the breast is not a submuscular organ it is very much like a collection of sweat glands that develop above the muscle.  So from a technical standpoint placing the breast implant under the pectoral muscle is not anatomically correct way to create a breast. There are a number of reasons why most breast augmentation procedures have been performed with the implant below the muscle.
  • The implant gives a more natural look to the breasts under the muscle than above the muscle.  By placing the implant under the muscle it gives the breast a softer and more natural look and feel than above the muscle.
  • Capsular contracture occurs much less when the implant is placed below the muscle, why this is we don’t know.
  • Mammography is much easier with the implant below the muscle.
Disadvantages of placing implant below the muscle
  • In some cases, contour is not always natural on the bottom of breast, the implants can move abnormally due to muscle contraction.
  • Sometimes the breast tissue can’t expand to follow the contour of the implant, this can give rise to problems later such as “double bubble” and “snoopy breast” deformities.
  • Recovery time is a bit longer due to the incisions made through the pectoral muscle.
Disadvantages of placing implant above the muscle:
  • When breast implants are placed above the muscle they tend of appear less natural and not as smooth.
  • In some cases the appearance of rippling and folding is more visible because less tissue covers the breast implant.

November 2, 2012 9:13 pm
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