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Breast Lift

woman in towel2What is a Breast Lift and do I need it?

If you like the volume of your breasts when you are wearing a bra, but when the bra comes off the breasts go south then you may want to consider a breast lift. Breast Lift keeps the breast almost the same size, but by removing excess skin the breast is tightened. Imagine having a bra with too much fabric. The fabric is removed to tighten the bra, but in this case the bra is the skin.

Are there different kinds of Breast Lifts?

Yes, the one that does the most tightening is called a wise pattern lift. Many call it the anchor or keyhole pattern. It leaves the most scars on the breast, but it takes away the most skin and tightens the breast the most. There are patterns that have smaller scars, but they remove less skin. Below is a diagram:

breast-lift-incisions The smaller lifts don’t tighten as much so I mainly use then when a little extra skin tightening is needed after filling the breast with an implant

Patient Examples:

Full Lift:

full lift  Patient with sagging of the breasts. This woman had so much skin laxity that only a full lift will do the job.

Doughnut or PeriLift:

Perilift This lift is done only around the areola to give a little tightening to this woman who had breast implants.

Crescent lift:

crescent lift This woman had a crescent lift one year after breast augmentation to give a slight elevation to the nipples.

How is the surgery performed?

Full breast lift is performed under a general anesthesia. The smaller lifts such as crescent and periareolar can be done awake under local anesthesia.

What are the risks?

Bleeding, infection, asymmetry, nipple sensation loss, or skin loss are known complications.  The risks are smaller for the smaller lifts but are still low even for the larger breast lifts. I go over the risks thoroughly in consultation.

What if my breasts are droopy and too small? 

If a breast is droopy and small a breast implant can be placed at the same time to add volume. I discuss augmentation with full Mastopexy here. Combining full breast lift with implants at the same time gives more volume fullness to the top of the breast. Saline implants give more upper pole fullness than silicone.

New folder (2)-001

The patient on the left had a breast lift. The patient on the right had a breast lift and implant. The non-implanted breast is actually more natural looking, but because of media , the magazines and what I do for a living the public tends to think the breast on the right is more natural.

What if my breasts are very large? Can they be lifted?

The answer is yes, but they wont stay lifted for long. Heavy breasts go south. Gravity wins. If see a patient with a very heavy breast I will sometimes suggest reducing the size of the breast so it stays higher longer.

In consultation, I will will help answer any further questions you have. My main office is located in Rockville, Maryland and I have smaller satellite offices in Annapolis, Maryland and McLean, Virginia. Call the contact numbers on the front page and my assistant Pei would be happy to set up a consultation.

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