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Post-Tummy Tuck Frequently Asked Questions

Post-Tummy Tuck Frequently Asked Questions Committing to any type of elective procedure is an exciting event. The process of improving your confidence and self-image has officially begun. For many people, this can be a life-changing event. However, as exciting as it may be, it is important to know all the details about your upcoming procedure. Arriving to your consultation prepared with any questions or concerns you may have for your doctor is a great way to calm pre-procedure nerves. If you have recently booked a tummy tuck operation, or are interested in one, check out our top frequently asked questions about what to expect afterward.

What will I be able to do post-operation?

After a tummy tuck procedure, it is encouraged to try and walk around. Try and walk three or four times a day for a few minutes each. Do not expect to be able to walk around as you normally would pre-operation. You will likely not be able to stand up straight and will be forced to stay in a hunched position for several days afterward. This is completely normal and expected. In fact, you may be instructed by your plastic surgeon to remain in a bent over position for up to a week after surgery. Because of this, you may experience some back spasms and discomfort. If so, ask your doctor to prescribe muscle relaxants to preventative measures.

What kind of garment will I need to wear?

An abdominal pressure garment will be issued to you post-procedure. You will need to wear this for several weeks after your tummy tuck without fail. This is vital to ensure that everything keeps in place and heals properly. Without use, your results can heal improperly. The garment also works to maintain pressure and keep swelling down. Expect to wear a girdle or tight band that will fit around your abdomen.

What kind of scars should I expect?

Unfortunately, a tummy-tuck procedure will result in scarring. In some patients, scarring can be more severe than others. This depends on how much skin is being removed, how well your body heals and how your body typically scars. The skill of your surgeon and the technique used is also significant in determining your results. Most surgeons will use techniques that try and place the scar where it will be covered by a typical bikini swimsuit. If this is something that concerns you, be sure to discuss with your doctor pre-procedure regarding incision types, techniques and placements.

What can I expect for results?

After swelling subsides and drains are removed (if they are used), you will begin to notice results. Remember that tummy tucks are highly invasive procedures and patience will be required for your body to heal. As long as serious weight gain or pregnancy is not experienced post-procedure, then results are relatively permanent. While tissue will generally relax with age, you will not experience the same effect as it was pre-operation.

When can I return to my normal schedule?

In terms of returning to work, it is typically recommended for patients to rest and heal at home for approximately two weeks after surgery. This depends on how extensive your surgery is and the kind of job you have. In some cases, it may be required to take off four or more weeks from work. Many patients are often concerned as to how long it takes until they are able to return to the gym. Typically, this depends on the healing schedule of the patient. In general, patients can begin incorporating a light workout into their routine (like walking on a treadmill) after two weeks. Absolutely no heavy lifting is recommended until after a month from the procedure. It is very common and expected for patients to have many questions regarding their elective procedures. Especially with a procedure as invasive as a tummy tuck, patients should feel free to have any questions and concerns answered before their operation. Contact AT Cosmetics at 301-656-6398 for any questions you may have regarding a tummy tuck procedure and to book yours today.

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