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Plastic Surgery after Dramatic Weight Loss in Maryland

Weight loss is not easy as most of us know. If done through diet and exercise healthy weight loss can take months to years. Because of improved techniques for gastric bypass and the lap band procedure, we are seeing more and more patients after dramatic weight loss hoping to look normal again. Tightening all the areas of concern in the weight loss patient covers almost every aspect of cosmetic plastic surgery. Rather than going over every option, I hope to give some guiding principles. It is best to consider cosmetic surgery for weight loss when you achieve your goal weight and have been stable for a while. If I do a tummy tuck and then that patient loses another 40 pounds, he or she may need it done again. A stable weight does not necessarily mean rail thin, it means a realistic weight that you are comfortable with and can maintain. Being at the weight you want is worth the wait. It will make your surgery safer and more successful. Dramatic weight loss patients are what I call “works in progress”. There are always areas that can be tightened. It is important to have a long term plan to define which plastic surgery procedures can be safely combined and which cannot. I ask my patients to create a wish list so that we can determine the best order of procedures so that one procedure will not interfere with another. If you need help learning about surgery after dramatic weight loss or even help to achieve your weight loss goals please let me know. Contact my office today, to schedule a consultation with me at one of my three offices located around the DC, Baltimore Maryland and Bethesda, Rockville areas of Maryland.

April 12, 2011 5:37 pm
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