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Celebrities Influence Lip Filler Procedures

lip enhancementThe lip filler procedure is the latest thing to come under the influence of ­­­Keeping up with the Kardashians. Kylie Jenner admitted to having the cosmetic procedure done. This has spurred high interest from teens and those in the 20- to 30-age bracket. When Kylie admitted to having the work done on the show, it sparked a riot on social media. Youngsters to,  the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, sucking into a shot glass to temporarily maximize their lips. But many older teens and young 20-somethings are going further. An article in the New York Daily News quoted numerous teens who have decided to improve their lips. As one said, “I disliked my lips and makeup was just not cutting it.” Celebrity Fashion The list of celebrities getting the lip filler procedure just keeps growing. From Lisa Rinna to Graciela Alfano, from Courtney Love to Janice Dickinson, from Jessica Simpson to Jennifer Hudson, pouty lips are in, for sure. Though many of the famous refuse to admit to having any work done, many celebrity sites online show before and after shots. The lips on these show biz and social celebrities definitely look enhanced. Safer than Ever Dr. Adam Tattelbaum, M.D., points out that in this case the influence the celebrities are having on the younger set is benign. The newest treatments, tools and techniques have made this procedure safe and reversible. Even the chance of an allergic reaction, especially when the patient uses injectables, is slim to none. Those who have had the procedure done and like the results say the important thing is to have the work done by an experienced doctor. Even though it is reversible and quick, it is still a medical procedure. Patients sometimes don’t appreciate how fragile and delicate the lips are.  How Does It Work?  Most procedures use a hyaluronic acid compound that goes by the name Juvederm, Belotero, Restylane or Resylane Silk. Though all are basically the same, each has a slight variation. For example, Juvederm has properties that work well for adding volume, while Restylane Silk is useful with older patients because it helps with structure. Most doctors use needles, but some use a tiny tool called a micro-canula. It is much like a needle, but less sharp. The results last between three and six months. If you don’t like the look, you don’t have to worry. It’s not permanent. If you really don’t like the look, your doctor can inject hyaluronidase, which reverses the filler procedure immediately. After the treatment wears off, your lips will look like they did before you had the work done. Both the lip and its lining retract to its original position. Does It Hurt?  A little bit, but you probably won’t notice. The doctor applies a topic anesthetic and the injectable itself contains a tiny amount of anesthetic. The number of needle pricks you have to endure range from 4 to 20. The actual number varies depending on the goal. If you seek volume, there are fewer. If you want work done on the lip lining, it takes a few more. Do Lips Need Recovery Time? It takes about a few days to a week for you to see the beautiful pouty lips you want. As with all medical procedures, there is a small amount of swelling. Occasionally minor bruising occurs around parts of the lip. After the procedure, doctors recommend that the patient avoid exercise, alcohol and even kissing for 48 hours. Elevating your head while you sleep is a good idea. Arnica and cold compresses help with bruising and swelling.  Trust Experience  To get attractive results, you need the skill of the trained cosmetic surgeon, like Dr. Adam Tattelbaum. He has years of experience and is founder and senior partner of the well respected Washington Plastic Surgery Group in Rockville, Maryland. Dr. Tattelbaum is double board certified with:
  • The American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • The American Board of Surgery
He completed his training in plastic surgery at Georgetown University and Harvard University, and is currently on the clinical faculty at Georgetown. Listed among “America’s Top Plastic Surgeon’s” by the Consumer Research Council of American, he was asked to join the Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, a mark of distinction.

May 23, 2016 10:32 pm
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