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Breast Implant

Plastic Surgery after Dramatic Weight Loss in Maryland

Weight loss is not easy as most of us know. If done through diet and exercise healthy weight loss can take months to years. Because of improved techniques for gastric bypass and the lap band procedure, we are seeing more and more patients after dramatic weight loss hoping to look normal again. Tightening all the areas of concern in the weight loss patient covers almost every aspect of cosmetic plastic surgery. Rather than going over every option, I hope to give some guiding principles. It is best to consider cosmetic surgery for weight loss when you achieve your goal weight… Read More

What is ALCL?

On January 26, 2011 the FDA released an advisory notice regarding the association of Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL) in women with breast implants. While ALCL is technically a type of lymphoma it appears to have a very benign course and the condition has been completely resolved by simply removing the breast implant and capsule. It is not a breast cancer. In the past 25 years only 34 cases have been reported in the world among an estimated 10 million+ implanted devices. The American society of plastic surgeons and the American society of Aesthetic plastic surgery are working with the… Read More

Breast Augmentation: Questions to Ask During your Consultation

If you are considering breast augmentation, it is important to discuss your options with a plastic surgeon. You will want to make sure your plastic surgeon is knowledgeable, certified, experienced, and to ensure all of the above it is important to ask your surgeon questions upon consultation. Additionally, a consultation will go over your desired results, medical history, etc. During this time, breast implant options will be discussed, as well as technique. Based off your desires, health and body frame one implant type may be better than another, as well as one technique may be more appropriate then another. What… Read More

Balancing Breasts With Breast Augmentation

breast augmentation

I think there are a lot of subtleties about breast augmentation that the public is not aware of. The operation is not just about increasing the size or scale of the breasts. It’s also about balancing each breast so that they look full and naturally equal. Breasts, by their very nature, are never exactly the same before or after breast implant surgery. It is common for patients to have natural asymmetric breast volume and shape. It is also common to have different degrees of droop in individual breasts.  For example, many women have one breast that is slightly higher on the chest wall than… Read More

The “Bigger” Disease: Preventing It Prior to Breast Enhancement Surgery

breast enhancement surgery

What I like to call the “Bigger disease” is highly contagious and usually sets in about anywhere within the first six months after breast enhancement surgery When breast implants are first put in most patients look too big, tight, and high before the skin and muscles relax to a more natural-looking size. I prepare my patients extensively for this time so they don’t panic or think it is uncommon and dangerous. It is neither. Next comes what I call the “honeymoon period”. As about three weeks roll around, the implants start to settle but still have that push-up bra look… Read More

Breast Augmentation Surgery: It’s About the Hips!

breast to hip ratio

Breast Augmentation is without a doubt the most popular procedure that I perform. While the breasts certainly play an important part, to me, the key is a sense of balance when I look at the person’s bodily makeup – especially the hips. Balance is Natural Prospective breast implant patients are first taken to an implant sizing room in my office where we keep implants to try on in all sizes and shapes. Before I even walk into the consultation, the breast augmentation patient has often already chosen and is trying on the smallest breast implant in our sample drawer. I… Read More

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