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Adam G. Tattlebaum M.D.

Would You Let Your Wife Do This?

I answer many questions in my surgical consultations and even pose some for my patients to consider.

One of the questions I get asked periodically is, “Would you let your wife do this?”.

Now, of course, as an adult, she makes her own decisions. I guess the question really is… would I support her choices?

Each day as I sit across the desk from my patients, I often imagine I am talking to my wife. My wife, family and friends are the benchmark by which I treat my patients.

If a particular surgery or procedure is something I would not feel comfortable with for my wife, then it is not something I would recommend to my patients.

My consults and interactions with my patients aim to focus on their goals and ensure they are realistic and can be accomplished as safely as possible. The greatest joy in my practice is helping others achieve their goals when possible and, in some cases, preventing them from taking a path that is unrealistic or unsafe.

Yes, if my wife wanted cosmetic surgery, if I felt it was safe and realistic and could accomplish her goals, I would support it.

So what has she had done…?

I value my marriage too much to kiss and tell.

September 21, 2012 6:43 pm
Categories: Blog, Plastic Surgery

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