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The “Bigger” Disease – Preventing prior to Breast Enhancement Surgery

The Bigger disease is highly contagious and usually sets in about six months after breast augmentation surgery. When breast implants are first put in all patients look too big tight and high before the skin and muscles relax. I prepare my patients extensively for this so they don’t panic. Next comes what I call the honeymoon period. As about 3 weeks rolls around the implants start to settle but still have that push up bra look without the push up bra. While these breasts don’t yet look natural patients get used to the dramatic fullness so when the implants fall into their most natural location Patients begin to think “gee, I should have gone bigger”. The best way to treat the bigger disease is prevention. In my cosmetic surgery practice I have a few rules of thumb when considering breast augmentation.
1.) We talk about the bigger disease from the get go so patients can incorporate it into their breast implant size decision making. If the patient is agonizing between two implant sizes I will generally urge on the side of slightly fuller because implants tend to look smaller inside the body than they do in sizing bra’s.
2.) We size implants extensively at the initial consult (I think trying on actual implants is the best method), and we have pretty much an open door policy encouraging women to try on breast implant sizers as many times as they like before the surgery. It is best to be confident of your decision before the day of surgery. Each of my offices is stocked with high, moderate and low profile sizers for your breast.
3.) Bring a friend, relative or significant other to your sizing session along with a work blouse, casual blouse or sweater and even exercise clothes. It’s good to have a second opinion from a friend or loved one. Making sure that you are comfortable in work and play clothing is important as well.
If you’re considering breast enhancement contact my office today to schedule a consultation. I look forward to helping you achieve a sense of balance through breast augmentation.

March 17, 2010 11:26 pm
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