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The Best Botox®

Every day I see ads in newspapers, magazines and circulars offering Botox® at insanely low prices. It leaves me wondering how patients really know that they’re getting good Botox treatment. Botox is reconstituted with sterile water. Add more water and you may stretch a bottle farther, but you also may see less of a result. Older Botox may not work as well as a freshly opened bottle. So, paying for Botox by the site can mean a better or worse result, depending on how generous or frugal your doctor is. In my own practice we reconstitute the Botox® strictly according to the manufacture’s guidelines. It is a concentrated solution that allows us to put smaller but stronger amounts in the areas of concern. This increases its effectiveness and minimizes its migration to areas we don’t want it to affect. We have a steady stream of Botox patients, which allows us to use our supply of Botox quickly – meaning fresher and more effective Botox. We also charge by the unit. What does that mean? Botox bottles contain one hundred units of botulinum toxin. Common areas treated include the area between the eyebrows (glabella), crow’s feet, and forehead. While the average full area will cost about $350, charging by the unit means our patients can buy more or less if they want. If a small area needs refreshing, we charge only for the units necessary and not the whole site. I think this is a more common sense approach. Botox is not an exact science. We ask each of our patients to return in 10 days to evaluate the results of their treatment. By recording how satisfied they are and how they reacted to their last treatment, future treatment plans can be fine tuned. We can also discusses other procedures that you may be interested in such as a facelift. If you’d like to learn more about the best Botox please feel free to contact my office to schedule a consultation.

July 6, 2010 4:44 pm
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