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Skin Care Tips during Cold Months in DC, Maryland

The season brings many delightful things- time with family, presents, cookies, pumpkin pie and more. But one not so marvelous thing during the season of gatherings, feasts and joy is the cold weather. During cold months, protecting your skin should be everyone’s top priority, old and young. Within DC, Rockville, Maryland and Northern Virginia, low freezing temperatures, snow and winds; scarves and other types of outwear accessories are the must haves to keep from frostbite happening on the face, ears, neck and mouth. But just like we must break out our winter wardrobe to prepare for wintertime blissfulness from November to March, we must also ready our skin for the cold to prevent it from damage, especially since the largest organ of the body is skin. Cold weather can wreak havoc on the on your skin causing it to dehydrate. Dehydration can cause skin to feel dry and itchy, or crack and lips become chapped. On top of the damage our skin undergoes during the winter, wrinkles and fine lines can start to become more visible on dry skin causing people to look older then they really are. Then some feel they must undergo Botox, Restylane or another type of cosmetic surgery procedure to achieve their youthful appearence, which is not always the steps that need to be taken. Cold air is not the only factor for dry skin in cold months, but additionally time spent inside the well heated house can dry out the skin, decreasing the moisture in skin. To help keep your skin protected this winter, here are some hints: Add Greenery to Your Life During cold months in the DC, Maryland and Northern Baltimore Maryland areas, redecorate the house, room or office space with some fresh new plants. House plants can promote hydration in your place since plants releases water into the air through the process of photosynthesis. Hydration in the air helps your skin maintain it’s moistness. Add a Layer over your Skin while Inside While in the house, it is essential to keep your delicate skin on your hands and feet in tact. To help keep from loss of moisture in your skin, wear gloves when you are washing the dishes. After washing your hands, add a layer of hand moisturizer. Rather than walking around barefoot in your house, wear socks made of cotton to keep in existing moisture. Upgrade your Skin Care- Try Medical Grade Skin Care Ingredients found in Medical grade skincare contain higher concentration of essential components that can help preserve skin hydration. To protect your skin from elements, apply daytime moisturizer, while to keep your skin hydrated through dry cold winter nights use a night time moisturizers. If you have dry skin chose a cream cleanser. On top of your cleaners, on a weekly basis use an exfoliate scrub, which removes dry dead skin and can help you maintain fresh looking skin. Toners and facial masks are also a great way to condition your skin because they deeply penetrate you’re pores and help preserve your skin for years to follow. To give your skin additional support all year long; on a quarterly, semi-yearly or yearly basis, depending on your skin type Facials or Microdermabrasion can help you maintain a youthful appearance. Don’t Forget Your Lips To hydrate your lips, use a balm or chapstick that has oil in it. Common oils that help hydrate cracked or chapped lips are shea butter, olive oil, or coconut oil. Exfoliate your lips as well. To exfoliate lips either use your face exfoliate as long as it is approved to do so by your plastic surgeon or dermatologist, or try using sugar and oil. And finally for extra moisture, apply honey to your lips at night. Skin can change as we age, through the seasons and for many other reasons. It is important to have a skin care regimen that is tailored to your specific needs and skin type. To learn more about medical grade skin care contact Dr. Tattelbaum today.

December 23, 2010 8:45 am
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