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Why More Men Are Turning to Cosmetic Surgery

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While plastic surgery has been largely marketed to females over the years, today, more than ever, men are choosing to rejuvenate their appearance as well. 

But can men get plastic surgery just like women?

Of course! In fact, since 2000, there has been a 29 percent increase in male cosmetic procedures in the United States. Some of the plastic surgery for men that tends to be most popular includes fillers, tummy tucks, liposuction, and rhinoplasty. 

Why the Shift in Male Cosmetic Surgery Interest?

There are several reasons for this major shift in male interest in cosmetic surgery. 

First and foremost, younger men are focusing more on their health and fitness, but even the healthiest man can have problem areas where fat and bulges are resistant to diet and exercise. 

In order to achieve an appearance they feel more confident with, young men are seeking procedures that trim excess fat, such as liposuction and tummy tucks. Some men want to specifically reduce fat deposits in the chest area for a trimmer upper body, so they opt for male breast reduction surgery

Younger men may feel better about the way they present themselves in personal and public life. 

can men get plastic surgery

Older men may feel better as they compete in the workforce. 

In my practice, increasingly older males are interested in injectables that slow down the aging process, such as brow Botox, and fillers such as Juvéderm for folds and Voluma for the cheeks. Once traditionally considered “female-only” rejuvenation solutions, more and more men are utilizing these options to retain a younger, more-refreshed-looking appearance.

Regardless of a man’s particular reasoning for a cosmetic procedure, the fact remains: more and more men are turning to cosmetic surgery than ever before. 

Social Considerations

For the right patient, treating problem areas may improve intimacy. While cosmetic surgery can’t solve social issues, in the right patient, improving problem areas can, in some cases, boost self-esteem. I have known patients who for years were embarrassed to take off their shirts. Male breast reduction for many is life-altering, as are countless other procedures. 

Choosing a Qualified Cosmetic Surgeon

I see many patients for a variety of male cosmetic procedures each day. In line with the data, these men seek procedures ranging from liposuction and tummy tucks to rhinoplasty and fillers — plus everything in between.

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, I have spent the past two decades giving heartfelt advice to men and women alike. Plastic surgery can be life-altering if it is done for the right reasons and realistic expectations are set. Cosmetic surgery and common sense must always go hand in hand.

If you would like to consult with me about which male plastic surgery procedures would benefit you most, please get in touch with my office today at 301-656-6398. I would be happy to sit down with you to discuss your options at a consultation appointment in any of my three locations in and around Maryland and the Washington D.C. area.

July 4, 2019 1:15 pm
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