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More Men Having Cosmetic Procedures

guyMore Men in Washington Having Botox Performed. The American Society of Plastic Surgery said that over 385,000 men are expected to have cosmetic procedures performed in 2014.  Dr. Adam Tattelbaum says, “as competition grows in the workforce we are seeing an increase in Men visiting for these procedures”.  Dr. Tattelbaum says he has seen a steady increase in Men visiting his medspa for procedures like Botox. Dr. Tattelbaum says, “Washington DC is a very competitive market and men want to look the best they can.  Not only are they buying great suits but they are having Botox and Injection Fillers performed to help look more youthful and fresh”. Since the job market crash a few years back there has been a steady climb in men having cosmetic procedures according to the American Society of Plastic Surgery.  Dr. Tattelbaum  also reports that Botox injections are also being performed on hands and armpits to help eliminate issues with sweaty palms and arm pits. Dr. Tattelbaum also performs hair replacement surgery at his plastic surgery center and reports a large increase in men having hair replacement procedures performed.  He says, “with today’s new technologies more Men are opting for the procedure”.  Dr. Tattelbaum uses the Artas hair implant system which eliminates the old strip system.  No longer do you have to take a large strip off the scalp.  The Artas system removes each follicle and then they are placed in the area of concern.  Typically most procedures take about half of a day. To learn more about procedures Dr. Tattelbaum offers men click here.

March 24, 2015 5:36 pm
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