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Adam G. Tattlebaum M.D.

Men and plastic surgery

Check out the headline for this recent study: Dallas — Certain types of wound complications are more frequent in men than in women who undergo body contouring procedures after weight loss surgeries, according to new research results. The researchers go on to explain that men have about a four-fold risk of hematoma (blood collection under the skin) and about a twofold risk of seroma formation (fluid trapped under the skin). The authors conclude that they will need more study to understand why men have these increased risks. Now, I wasn’t a part of the study, but after 18 years in practice I sure think I know at least a part of the reason…… Because they’re men!!!!! When you’re a man who’s just lost 100 pounds going to the gym every day what do you do? You try to go right back to the gym as soon as possible! How do I know? I’ve had at least two young men who unilaterally decided that jogging was a part of the post-op tummy tuck regimen. Guys, I respect and applaud the remarkable weight loss you have accomplished, but after body contouring surgeries you’ve just gotta lay low and give yourselves time to heal. Blood vessels need to stay closed and skin needs to stick down after surgery. Just behave and I’m guessing your risk numbers will start to look just like the women.

August 22, 2012 2:20 pm
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