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I was an early adopter of AOL when my wife and I lived in Boston and she had to telecommute with her office in New York. Maryland, D.C., and Baltimore Maryland became exponentially better when high speed cable came to my home and now FIOS—which I love. I was an early adopter of the web page to promote my practice and educate prospective patients. Now plastic surgery websites are a dime a dozen. I still like to write my own content because I hope that a personal perspective is more interesting than the canned lingo I see so often. The internet has become a dangerous place when it comes to medical especially plastic surgery information. I like to help people sort it out. What has me baffled still, and I guess I’m showing my age, is the Facebook/Twitter revolution. Yes, I have a page, Dr. Tattelbaum – DC, Baltimore Maryland, Maryland Cosmetic Surgeon on Facebook, (recently) and yes, I know how important it is. I’m still not sure how to really utilize it. I haven’t tweeted yet either. At present my page on Facebook is like a blog with promotions, but in truth I like to keep the blogs which I consider more personal here on my website, http://www.atcosmetics.com, dedicated to cosmetic contact my office to schedule a consultation with me at my office in Rockville, Maryland; Annapolis, Maryland; or McLean, Baltimore, Maryland.

March 21, 2011 4:03 pm
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