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Exchange Saline Implants for Silicone gel breast implants?

I recently put a special on my website offering patients with saline breast implants the opportunity to switch to silicone breast implants. I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for patients who have considered switching. So why switch to silicone breast implants? A silicone gel implant is softer than saline, mushier and generally more natural looking. A gel implant softens the transition from the chest wall to the upper portion of the breast. So who might make the switch? – If you wanted silicone in the first place but had your breast augmentation surgery back when silicone was not available in Maryland. – If you are very slender with little breast tissue and wish to look more natural. – If you have rippling from a saline implant that bothers you. Silicone gel implants can ripple too but they ripple the least. – If your saline breast implants are old and you’ve been considering an exchange anyway. – If you’ve thought about changing your size. To find out if switching to silicone is right for you and learn more details just contact us through my web site or e-mail my assistant Pei@washingtonplastics.com for a complimentary consultation at one of my three locations in Annapolis or Rockville, Maryland or in McLean, Baltimore Maryland.

October 24, 2011 6:00 pm
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