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Blog Silent.

Sorry folks, I’ve been “Blog Silent” for a while. While my dutiful web gurus continue to add some interesting plastic surgery posts- I really  prefer posting about the personal things I see in my practice. It’s just been very busy lately.  I am sitting today at a charming hotel in Madison Wisconsin waiting for my son to wake up. Its parents visiting weekend and by all measures I have a free hour or two without the distractions of my home or practice (which is well covered back in DC.). My son, a freshman studying engineering, like most students is a late riser. We’ve been having a blast in this fantastic large/small college town. I have missed him terribly and I hate to leave tonight. So this morning I organized this mini travel laptop, answered a bunch of emails and figured out again the maze of codes and passwords that actually allow me to login and write blogs. There are so many times in an office day when a blog post forms in my mind. Something a patient will benefit from or something I might benefit from. Some correction or reset of information that misguides the public when marketing exceeds science. Unfortunately at the end of a very busy patient day my enthusiasm for typing rarely remains-but don’t be discouraged. I will try my best.  Not blogging is not a bad thing, it just means my attentions are busy elsewhere which, in and of itself, I suppose is a good thing.  It is better to be too busy than too quiet I think. I am reminded of an old medical school professor of mine.  He told me there are three phases of practice.
  1. When your not busy.
  2. When your  practice is just right
  3. When your practice is too busy.
The first phase he said lasts about a year, The second phase lasts about 10 minutes and the last phase  lasts the rest of your life. what a wise man…..

October 23, 2016 4:51 pm
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