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Breast Implant

Breast Lift vs. Implants: Knowing the Difference Matters

Breast augmentation breast implants

If you look in the mirror and feel unhappy with your breasts, you’re not alone. Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery in the United States. Aging, gravity, hormone fluctuation, and weight changes can take a toll on your body. Weight loss typically means losing breast volume. Fortunately, there’s a way to counteract those changes by having a breast lift or breast implants. Do you know which is right for you? Knowing the difference matters, and will play a role in knowing what to expect.The basics of breast implantsBreast augmentation (implants) is an option for women who desire larger… Read More

Removing Breast Implants-Are Breast Implants Forever ?

If you have silicone or saline breast implants at this point you should know that eventually they may fail. Usually not a big deal replacement is pretty straight forward. Its part of the deal when you have a man made device living inside you. I’ve seen both silicone and saline implants last more than 20 years, but not all do. But do you have to replace them? What happens if you don’t? Many patients seem to know less about getting them out then getting them in. So why would a patient want to remove them? People change- I have known… Read More

Dr Tattelbaum Offering Natrelle Inspira For Volumptuous Results

Dr. Adam Tattelbaum an Ivy League Maryland Plastic Surgeon with plastic surgery offices in Maryland, Washington D.C area and Virginia.  Dr. Tattelbaum is now offering the Natrelle Inspira™ round gel implants which offers a more dramatic look while still providing a very natural and soft feel. Dr. Tattelbaum says, “my preference for the majority of my breast augmentation patients are smooth round implants.  Smooth implants don’t stick inside the pocket where they are placed.  By moving within the pocket they tend to look more natural in my opinion”. Dr. Tattelbaum offers every type of breast implant available on the market… Read More

Natural Breast Augmentation

With rare exception my breast augmentation patients arrive with the request that they want to look  ” not too big, not too small, and as natural as possible.” I’m on board. I like my patients to look lovely an believable. I like a result where the patients can dress their figures up or down depending upon the circumstances. Business like when needed. Sensual when desired. The task is not as easy as one might think. Many of my patients come in with preconceived notions based on headless photos and information that is not always correct on what I call ”… Read More

Dr. Adam Tattlebaum Reviews Breast Implant Manufacturers

Implant Update: While I have compared and contrasted silicone vs. saline implants in the past the purpose of this blog is just to give an update on what breast implant options are out there. At the conclusion, I will share my preferences. Summary: Three companies are currently are FDA approved in the United States to make Breast Implants: Mentor Allergan Sientra Mentor and Allergan make saline and silicone implants, Sientra makes only silicone. Each company has its own version of low, moderate and high profile implants. Each company offers round or shaped implants. Each company offers implants that are smooth or… Read More

Dr. Tattelbaum Discussion on Breast Implant Techniques

An Overview of Breast Implant Techniques For this article I would like to go beyond the basic facts that are posted all over the internet and give a personal opinion based on almost two decades of experience and thousands of breast implant procedures performed. This blog covers the most frequently asked breast implant questions: 1)      Under or over the muscle: I generally favor implants under the muscle because they tend to look more natural.  This is because the muscle gives a gentle slope to the upper breast. When the breast implant lies under the muscle mammograms are easier to interpret. Infection… Read More

How Long Should Breast Implants Last?

One of the most common questions we receive regarding breast augmentation Maryland is “how long will my breast implants last?” For many people breast implants will last a lifetime when properly cared for and not impacted by rupture or defects that will require their replacement. Manufacturers of breast implants design them to last a lifetime. We often hear that breast implants should be replaced every 10 years. This is simply not the case, we have many patients that have had implants for over 20 years. Of course this varies from patient to patient and over time many patients opt for breast… Read More

Breast Implants Over or Under The Muscle

If you are considering breast augmentation Maryland it is likely that you would like more beautiful breasts. I have always prided myself on creating beautiful natural results for my patients. I’m able to create these natural results through my years of experience, skills, and judgment. Often clients will ask whether they should go over or under the muscle with respect to implant placement. Breast Implants placed below the muscle submuscular, or subpectoral, plane or position. Breast Implants placed above the muscle are in the subglandular position under the breast gland but over the muscle. Most women considering breast augmentation are usually fairly informed… Read More

Breast Implant Manufacturer Reviews by Dr Tattelbaum

Breast Implant Review from Dr. Adam Tattelbaum: Allergan, Mentor or Sientra? Saline or silicone gel? Textured or smooth? Shaped or round, cohesive or gummy bear? And that’s just the beginning. In this brief blog, I will try to share some thinking and philosophy about the “too many” options we now have with breast implants. If you read my last breast blog (silicone or saline) you know that I prefer silicone gel, provided the patient is comfortable with it. If you have a B-ish or C-ish breast you will hide a saline well, but silicone will usually look and feel more… Read More

Dr. Adam Tattelbaum Reviews Silicone vs Saline Breast Implants

Rather than comparing and contrasting silicone implants Maryland and saline implants Maryland, which has already been done many times, I thought it would be more helpful to give my opinion on the subject. At this stage, about five years after the FDA allowed silicone gel implants back on the market and hundreds of implants later, here is my opinion- I like silicone gel implants. As I strive to give my patients the most natural results, silicone wins hands down. Silicone implants have a softer and more natural feel. The gel in the implants gravitates toward the bottom of the breast… Read More

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